Kimberbell Embroidery CD Twilight Boo-Levard Bench Pillow

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Kimberbell embroidery CD Twilight Boo-Levard Bench Pillow. Stroll along our Twilight Boo-levard to visit all of your favorite “haunts!” Stop into Bella’s Boo-tique for their grand opening, then rest a spell beneath a spooky old tree. The boo-berry pie from Broomhilda’s Bakery is simply “to die for.” Enjoy a slice, then pop into the Candy Corn Quilt Shoppe! With fairy lights, Embroidery Leather, buttons and Mylar and more, our Twilight Boo-levard Bench Pillow is so enchanting, it’s almost scary. Hoop Size: 5×7 Item #: KD594