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Longarm Quilting Service

Machine Quilting by Mail

Quick Overview

Get your quilt (Full, Twin, Queen, King, or any size really) 'machine quilted' on our Janome Quilt Maker 18 with Pro Stitcher machine .  We charge a low .02 per square inch.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is not a replacement for your local shop. I do not do custom quilting. Edge to edge quilting like meandering or loops are the basic designs we do most. This service is intended for standard needs that can be easily communicated via the internet and phone.


List of Charges

Quilting    (length x width= total inches x 0.02)    $30 minimum                  Per Inch 0.02
Square up top and Back                               $10.00
Press Quilt Top     $10.00
Press Back       $10.00
Back Seamed (to correct Size)         Per Seam $10.00
Thread & Needles Charge         $5.00 small quilts           $8.00 LG Quilts
Batting  (cost of package purchased)
Backing Fabric  (price per yard x amount needed)
Binding   (price per yard for fabric + 0.010 per inch by machine to front ONLY) W + L X 2 = Liner Inch
                 (0.02 per inch by machine both sides)  example 36x45=$32.40
Rush Fee     $25.00




Please send your quilt top and backing fabric to:

Pam's Fabric Nook
8615 S US HWY 1
Port St Lucie, FL 34952